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We SHARE the LIGHT and LOVE with you. We SHARE the story of the STONE with you. We SHARE how the STONE integrates into our life to light us up. In BEAUTY and LOVE it is begun. With BEAUTY and LOVE there is no ending. 多謝你們的到訪,齊齊來感受Stone Journal 帶給大家的歡笑及喜悅。 Stone Journal 為大家準備了一個放下生活壓力綠洲、輕鬆的環境。 一齊來認識石頭、一齊來分享石頭帶來的喜悅。 在靈性學習路上互相學習、成長。 在礦石世界、在Stone Journal𥚃,讓我們一同充分體驗及發揮同頻共震之效。 Namasta 🫶🏻